Hire more great people with referrals

GreatPeople is a referral tool that empowers your employees in sending more and better referrals.

Selected customers

Access from anywhere

GreatPeople provides a full fledged and impressively looking employee referral program. It’s very easy and enjoyable to use and the fact that it’s optimized for mobile means that you get more and better referrals.


Your own mobile app

Letting people know you have an employee referral program is one thing. Giving them a power tool for managing their personal talent pool for sending quality referrals is something else

Dead simple administration

Tell your employees what you need and help them make the referral. Then spend your time interviewing interested candidates, that come highly recommended by your collegues.


Why you should leverage the network of your employees

Time save

Hire ratio

Talent retention

GreatPeople makes referrals…

  • Easy

    The launch and activation campaigns gets everyone on board

  • Available

    Your referral program, accessible from anywhere

  • Optimized

    Referral ads look great and are optimized for referrers

  • Active

    Employees receive relevant notifications and reminders

  • Integrated

    The process is integrated with existing recruitment tools

  • Tracked

    You have statistics and KPIs for your referral program

  • Professional

    Referrers receive timely feedback on their referrals

“Given the characteristics of our business, engaging and user friendly HR solutions are crucial. The GreatPeople platform has enabled us to leverage the existing great referral culture at PwC and at the same time make the referral process smoother for employees and drastically reduce time to hire.”Joakim Karlsson, HR Digital Lead - PwC
“The GreatPeople platform helps a lot in keeping track of all referrals and sending timely feedback to referrers”Anonymous referrer
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